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The costs of reparing and replacing your device can create an additional financial strain on school districts, while also causing disruptions to the student learning process.

A well-constructed Chromebook case protects a school's investment by preventing damage from dropping and mishandling. Elegant Packaging is a leading manufacturer of

high-quality chromebook & Tablet carrying cases for education that combine reliable protection with functionality.


How Do I Protect My Chromebook?

Tailoring your laptop case selection to specific user scenarios will typically provide the best protection results.

Elegant Packaging offers a wide variety of features and attributes that can fit every K-12 environment.

You'll find cases designed for use-in-cart, work-in-case, and remove-to-use applications. Backpack-friendly options are also available for easy, safe transporting of devices.

Younger students have different needs than older ones. Elegant Packaging provides protection solutions that can accommodate kindergarteners, high school students and everyone in between.



EP Chromebook Case PN#509777

Customized to fit most chromebooks, ultrabooks, Laptop and more. Always functional, organized and protected, this case is a sure winner for any student in class or on the go.




  • Fits 11-11.6"
  • Anti-Slip outside with easy ID/personalization Window
  • Durable ballistic nylon front side material
  • Silicone elastic grips to keep the computer in place and secure
  • Foam Bumpers for a strong cooling and protection system under the device 
  • Organized outside compartments to hold power supplies, cables thumb drives, business/student ID cards, ect..
  • Adjustable shoulder strap detachable for easy storage 
  • Ykk Zippers with outward facing lace to prevent binding
  • Protective structure with padding around all edges
  • Ability to easily customize case


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