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The Sewn Products division of Elegant Packaging is committed to support Original Equipment Manufacturers in the development and supply of form-fitting protective gear that will enhance the functionality and make for a more productive and ergonomic  end-user experience. Our Cases Designed for Technology (CDT) products are updated as we see the need for new equipment that is manufactured. We also support distribution and resellers in the design of unique full featured custom made products.

These types of products often require our SoftSTEELTM product molded to varying degrees of rigidity. We have tested our SoftSTEELTM product with Datasyst Engineering & Testing Services, Inc.

“Test results have shown that our products made with SoftSTEELTM design absorbs over 92.3% of the mass weight when dropped from a table-top surface to the floor."

Tested and Validated by DATASYST Engineering & Testing Services, Inc.

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