Insert Types

SBS Die Cut Insert

These Inserts can be cut into any shape to form around the product to keep in place

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Corrugated Insert

Corrugated cardboard inserts are ideal for products that are heavier and need a bit more protection. Corrugated sheets can be printed on so you can add a logo or design right on it.

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Foam Insert

Foam Inserts are best for fragile items such as jewelry, glass or electronics. Foam inserts are the least eco- friendly and cannot be printed on. Foam inserts are available in black and can have a mask made out of SBS lined paper (printed or not) to lay on top of foam.

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Foam Types

Soft or firm cushioning foam, laser-cut, or custom formed, our custom foam packaging inserts are capable oof protecting and securing your products during delivery.

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Chipboard Inserts

If you require a filler to raise your product off the bottom of your box, then a chipboard platform insert is an inexpensive and effective solution. Gift certificate boxes commonly contain chipboard platform inserts. We also die cut chipboard inserts when you need to secure a few items in cavities. Chipboard used on the platform ranges from 45pt- 60pt and comes in plain, white & black.

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Vacuum Formed Plastic Inserts

For larger quantity orders, Vacuum formed custom inserts become an affordable option. Vacuum formed custom inserts provide unmatched protection and will turn your package into a presentation. Many colors and grades of plastics are available. We can provide vacuum formed inserts that match PMS colors as well.

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