Box Types

T-Style Slipcase

T-Cases are a derivative of the standard slipcases. They are used for slipcases where the widths are less than 3-7/8".

2 Piece Slipcase

2-Piece Slipcases are another derivative of the standard slipcase. They are typically used for book sets and such where the required depth of the slipcase is beyond 8-1/4".

publishing 1.jpg
Book Style Box

A tray and a Bookcover are combined to create this type of packaging.


Uniboxes, also called clam shell boxes, function like an actual clam shell. The lid is hinged to the base with a spine panel that is created with crease scores or a routing operation.

2 Piece Setup Box

Standard Trays are basic 4-walled rigid cartons with a bottom panel. This is the most common rigid package that is offered. (photo shown lid is lined)

walmart summer22.jpg
3 Piece Setup Box - PEDESTAL BOX

The Pedestal Box is a two-piece construction that allows the product to be displayed and held securely on a platform for merchandising at retail, and provide a dramatic presentation when opened.

glade4 copy.jpg (1)
Drawer Box with Ribbon Pull

The Drawer Box is made up of two components: a sleeve and a drawer. Being held together through friction, the drawer should pull forward in one smooth motion to reveal the product inside.

V- Notch Drawer Box

Sometimes a ribbon pull just won't do. This packaging design features a V- Notch on the tray, eliminating the need for a ribbon and providing a slightly more clean look. Its streamlined profile is a perfect solution for minimalist packaging design.

bakedbym Drawer.jpg
V Grooved

Perfect Edge Box


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